(From the album BETTER?)
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There's an angel standing by my shoulder,
There's a devil standing right beside my arm
Outside the coldest night is getting colder
And every way I move will do me harm.

Voices in my heart they say I love you,
And voices in my head are screaming "No!"
Should I give up now and throw away my dreaming?
If I give up will these voices let me go?

Eternity is nothing but a treasure,
You can take or leave it anyway you choose,
In the final end you're nothing but a beggar
Lying in the dirt with worn out shoes.

So throw away these dreams and they'll forgive you
And close up all the feelings in your heart
Bleeding's just another way to continue
And turning back's just another way to start.

You're a victim lying by the wayside,
You're an angel all alone stuck in a tree,
You're a little child crying by the seaside,
You're a better thing than I will ever be.

So forgive me now cause really I don't like it
And these memories will never let me be,
As I throw away all that I desire
And turn away from all that comforts me.