Madonna's getting married
(From the album BETTER?)
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Come now dear and take me by my hand
Let me know this loving is for real
Explain to me the things that I never understand
And let me know exactly how you feel.
Well far away Madonna’s getting married
In those Scottish hills hoping it will snow
She’s holding back the tears and fighting back the years
But some things are better if you let them go.

We never had no money for our wedding
And we rode in busses through the night
And we parked ourselves in town
And our friends they came around
All I could do was cry and hold you tight.
Well Robbie Burns is turning in his grave
He’s singing songs that maybe I should know
And his voice it echoes high up into the sky
And the places that only lovers go.

Yesterday I bought a brand new camera
So I could take a photo of your face
And I’ll print my picture out and carry about
In the lining of my favourite guitar case
Far away Madonna’s getting married
But everything I care about is free
And there’s nothing like the sound
Of their feet upon the ground
When I hear them running up to me.