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(From the album ARENA)
How was it in London
Did you get you fund and Hunky-dory?
I've been waiting all night for someone to come and tell me a story
Well since you swept my feet off the ground
I've been looking for somewhere safe and sound
How're the Rolly-pollies doing?
What is it that you're chewing
How was it in Bristol
Did you get a pistol for your mother?
Did you find a teacher or find a little creature for your brother?
Forgive me but since you left town
I've been feeling a little bit down
Three lovers and a priest are trying to tame a beast
Happy Christmas

Since you've been gone I've been feeling just a little bit aggressive
I wake up in the night with a feeling that's a little bit oppressive
Well it might be the weather or the moon
Or it might be the heat from this spoon
But I've been waking with a surge and with a funny urge
To smash your face in
So how was it in Leeds
Did you get the reeds for your father?
Is he still collecting reeds and stuffing them with seeds
How's your lover?
Well I know that it might seem absurd
But I've been trying to think of a word
But there's no excuses now, time’s up and anyhow