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Run away
(From the album ARENA)
I have never feared for the lives of children
Till I had children all of my own
Nor have I waited in wanting and warned them
That life is a ditch as well as a throne
Accidents tumble, like tumbling parcels
Full of surprises and laughter and moans
Coincidence falls on good as on Rascals
All fate is blind when in search of a home

I warn them that water's as deadly as fire
That roads are as deadly as danger itself
That water is glory and fire is warming
Is a trick of the world and the weight of its wealth
I warn them of strangers, of ghosts and of dangers
Warn them of friends that are enemies too
I warn them of feelings so deeply embedded
That when they're remembered they seem almost new

And at night when I walk through the dark and the shadows
And I come to the room where my children they sleep
And I catch in the air the smell of their breathing
What is there to do but behold them and weep
A tear for the dangers a tear for the joys
One for my daughter and two for my boys
A tear for their memory, a tear for their fate
For all things forgotten and remembered too late