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So Long
(From the album ARENA)
Late last night,
When I was all alone,
In my little home,
An angel came to me,
Whispered in my ear,
So prettily, so prettily,
“What you doing here, ain't you got no pride?
Ain't you got no love, to be dreaming of?
And what do you think your doing,
Don't you know you're running,
Don’t you know you’re running,
On solid,

And if you fall in love
The weather takes it's toll
Upon the sky above,
Where the clouds they roll.
Hearts aren't made of stone,
We're all flesh and blood,
And we're all alone
Yeah we're all alone.

So bring on down the guillotine,
Or hang me high from a branch beneath the sky,
Destitution, I have seen,
And the place where all lovers learn to cry.
So burn my eyes with gasoline
And share my heart between the beggers passing by.
Been loving you,
So long.

And when it's late at night,
I can't sleep in bed
When the voices fight,
Deep inside my head.
There are stars above,
But the moon is cold,
All hearts in love,
Must be filled with gold.
And when it's time to leave,
We all pack away,
And we move on up,
To a brighter day.
It's winter now,
But it's summer soon,
And you can take your place,
Beside the moon.