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(From the album ARENA)
We go for walks at night, we hold each other tight
I kiss you once and tell you you're mine only
We never had no home, but it don't matter none
We've got each other and you know we'll never be lonely.

I ain't got much to give, but I give it all to you
A pair of old blue shoes and a heart that's been battered
You say you'll keep it true and I believe you well
‘Cause I know your life's been beaten and ripped up and shattered.

And it's you who I'm thinking of, you who's the one I love
You who I stick like glue to,
When I'm feeling blue-who?

What they think never matters, but what they do it does
If your life is in tatters, then think about us
Ain't never leaving you, nowhere I want to go
Now you've given me your hand I'll never let it go