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Take it easy
(From the album ARENA)
Heard that you were leaving me
Pity, poor old misery
He stuck his tongue right inside my ear
Now you think you’re gonna be
Someone in aristocracy
But you know that fashions only last a year
I remember when we met
You said that I was gonna get
Everything I wanted while I’m here
I followed you beneath the moon
And far away but all too soon
Saw everything I had just disappear

But I just can’t fear

And now you think I’m all alone
Waiting by the telephone
But in actual fact I never shed a tear
Perhaps I should be feeling bad
But I can’t because I’m just too glad
As I watch you and your grey clouds disappear

And I just can’t fear, take it easy.

I witnessed what you did and said
A nd when you lost your angry head
It landed on the street, I’ve got it here
Your eyeballs looked like bibles
And your lawyers and your libels
Can all fuck off cause you know I’m out of here

You were never what you said
You never were that good in bed
Like riding on a razor down a weir
I knew you’d leave me one fine day
Those itchy feet were made of clay
And your tongue was always sharper than a spear.

And I just can't fear, take it easy...